There’s no escape.

i am waiting for 3 o’clock to come. :) why? because jesse is on 10 minutes this week!!! i’m so going to record the whole interview and replay it every night before i go to bed. O.O psycho!!! haha.

i went to the library this morning to borrow some adobe photoshop manuals. they have photoshop cs cd-rom too!!! but the library that i went to didn’t have it. so i’ll probably go to another one on saturday. i’d rather borrow the cd-rom rather than buying it. photoshop cs costs US$500 – US$600 i think. madness. if i had that kind of money, i would rather buy myself a digital camera.

made this skin yesterday. it’s also the most popular one (56 downloads so far). now i know what people i looking for. cuteness. which means that there are more female bloggers than male bloggers. ha! i even got pinggity to join in the craze of blogging. :)

::click to preview::


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