Right now I feel invisible to you.

okay. cell was good. first we played pictionary (with a twist). the person who draws the picture is not allowed touch the pen. they have to move the paper instead while somebody else holds the pen. how cool is that. i’ve never thought of playing this way before. hah! then, i got this word – toothbrush. when keith said the category, brian got it the first time. haha! and i only drew 1 line on the paper. jia hao took the paper and said, “you call this a toothbrush?! how can 1 line represent a toothbrush?!” so funny. their team’s drawing looked more like a toothbrush but they couldn’t guess it. how weird is that? oh well. today we touched on “the purpose driven life” and to see ourselves in God’s perspective. it was quite short because we were running out of time. (again) queenie gave me a ride home again. with reggie. they bought mcdonalds on the way and i bought some crystal buns from rochor road (i ate them not long ago :D). cheap and good.

anyway on the 20th of may, we’re going to have a cell sleepover in church. then on the next day, we’ll be going to pasir ris to kayak!!! i can’t wait!!! but i have TP orientation on that day and it only ends at 10.30pm. :s crazy. so i’ll go after that. :)

alright. it’s quite late. goody night. ZZZzzzz….

p.s. we can moblog on blogger.com now!!! click here for more info. but i doubt i’m going to use it often.


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