So I’m taking this chance to walk away

happy mothers’ day!!!

i you mumsie. even though i don’t say it out loud, i want you to know that i do. (actually, i did tell her in the poem i wrote for her :)) i got a hug and a peck on the cheek in return. :D

i woke up really early today because it’s our cell’s turn to sell breakfast (hot dogs, fried carrot cake and nuggets/seaweed chicken) for the building fund. i have to say it was quite fun (the rain didn’t even dampen our spirits). i love it when there’s a crowd and we had to rush like mad bunnies. haha. i’m weird. i got the job as the money collecter by the way. but occasionally, i had to serve food too because the other helpers have the ability to disappear in thin air. at the end of the day, we collected $500++ in total. well done guys!! we have another round next week. -_-. *yawn* haha. oh ya! i forgot to add in something. as i mentioned earlier, it was raining pretty heavily in the morning. and our temporary church kitchen is outdoors!! because it was raining we can’t cook. so the guys came up with an idea. they used a canvas sheet to build a shelter. it looked more like a refugee tent to me. hah! and some of the guys were appointed as “plumbers”. they had to drain the water which was collecting on the canvas sheet almost every minute. but edward used some poles after that so that the guys didn’t have to drain the water anymore. the water sorta flowed out of the canvas sheet naturally. smart. so that’s about it.

i went straight home after service to help my mom with dinner. we had japanese today!!!

homemade sushi and miso soup. yum!!! i’m having homemade sushi this coming saturday too. i’ll be making lunch for my friends. quite sad. i thought the birthday girl is supposed to be the pampered one. not the other way round!!! oh well. ginks is helping me out. so it’s not so bad. right ginks?! haha. you better come earlier.

my trial version of photoshop cs expired today!!! :( i can’t make those special clickkity blogs anymore. whyyyyy…. i did borrow the photoshop cs cd from the library. but it’s the trial version. how cheapskate can they get. -_-. i tried re-downloading the trial version again but i still can’t use it. 30 days means 30 days. sighyy. at least i can download paint shop pro again and again.

“memories i thought i’d forgotten came rushing back to me. please stop torturing me. just go away and never come back again.”


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