Now we’ve all grown up. Gone on and moved away.

hey! i didn’t blog yesterday because i wad busy playing this game called rose online. (introduced by l.huiyi) very addictive. the game always makes you want to train your character so that you can explore other lands. but rose online is going to reset the game next week. which is sad. especially for people who have been playing for ages.

anyway, i went out with my cuzzies, cherie and pong aka “ah mah” today!! first we went to sakae sushi at wheelock place for lunch cum dinner. there wasn’t much variety on the conveyer belt compared to the branch at heeren. (i remembered that outing with the O5SG besties. we ate alot because there was so many yummy stuff on the belt). but we still ate until we almost wanted to puke. thanks to the huge amount of watermelon they gave us (-_-) and pong who was making us laugh with her super lame jokes. cherie is the only one who seems to be unaffected by the large amount of food she’d taken in. after sakae, we went to heeren to take neoprints(!) and walked around hmv (my favourite music store ^_^). we went to look at posters. me and pong was screaming when we saw legolas. haha! and all 3 of us screamed when we saw harry potter. ok! i can’t wait for the movie and the 6th book!!! the movie is coming out on the 18th of november. (ginks, you better watch it with me) and the book on 16th july. mumsie agreed to preorder it for me. yay! speaking of the movie, click here to watch the teaser trailer now!!! (and dear ron, please cut your hair can). the movie is going to be so awesome!!! ahhh!!! ok. back to the cuzzie outing. erm. after all the stuff above, we went to tangs for bravissimo ice cream. the best ice cream i’ve ever tasted. makes swensens’ and haagen-daz taste rather…normal. and thanks cherie for the treat!!! :) i ate the “bon bon rocher” and “chocolate hazelnut” flavour. they taste rather similar so i’m not going to mix these 2 flavours ever again. i would like to try green tea and tiramisu some other time. after the yummylicious ice cream, we went to kino. cherie bought the chinese version of harry potter – goblet of fire (-_- pro.) and i bought my all time favourite magazine – girlfriend!!! then, cherie was suggesting supper. like i said, this girl can really eat. we went to delifrance and watched her eat her quiche. haha. hmm. pictures will be up soon. waiting for cherie to send them to me. most probably tomorrow.

we have another cuzzie outing next week!! yay. we’re going to k-box. heh heh. must as well go out with cherie more. she’s leaving for canada really soon. going to miss her and her sandy lam(that woman from the sk II ad) eyes. hehe.


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