Crazy is what crazy do.

i just turned 17 today. after 2 more years, i will no longer be a teen. *sob*

most of my friends + cuzzies already wished me happy birthday. haha. uncle lionel was the only one from church who remembered my special day (and reggie who just smsed me. hah!). then, we smsed until his guard duty shift was over. i haven’t been smsing him since he went to the army. (which was almost 1 year ago). just realised that i miss those days where we would talk about lame stuff including mrt seats which contains lots of poo gas. -_-. oh! and when it was 12 midnight, i told my mom that my birthday is here! then she said, “finally my girl is 17. that means you can buy more 17 magazines!!” -_-”’ okkkk.. i’ve been buying 17 since i was 14.

going out with ginks later. she told me not to be late but i definitely will be. haha! by only a few minutes of course.


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