The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but they seize us.

just got home from the bestie birthday outing. it was fun but saturday is going to be even better.
first, we went to orchard. went to the usual places. library and kino. i never ever get sick of going to kino. :D (dear boss of kino, if you’re reading this, can you give me a lifetime discount or something? i seem to be promoting your bookshop every single week) haha. ok. that was lame.

then, we went to hmv and bought my birthday present – the oc: the complete first season!!! yay!!! it’s actually rated M18 in singapore which is stupid. but in other countries, it’s unrated. ginks managed to buy it because of her matured looks. thanks ginks. ^_^. love you lots. and admit it. you really look older than some of us. which is good. :x

i want some marvelous godiva chocolates! but they don’t come cheap. one tiny piece for 4 bucks. i wonder if they’re even fresh. the shop is always empty. i don’t think they’ll just throw them away right? ginks almost died of shock when she saw that 1 box of chocolates cost $100+. heh heh! and since we’re at city link, we went to visit pong! she’s working at the 3rd push cart outside nooch and hmv. go support her! ginks and i bought some bangles from her. :) and pong bought me a roxy-ish/billabong-ish wallet (from her shop) for my birthday. i’m so touched. *sob sob* the cuzzies have never bought each other birthday presents before. i think i should do that. :D even if they’re not living here anymore. thank God for dhl and fedex.

i’m hungry. i’m going to eat, bathe, watch tv, play rose online, watch my oc dvd, watch tv again and play rose online.

better enjoy life now. i have exactly 6 more days before i return to the hectic life i’ve always had since i started secondary school.

p.s. here’s another version of the half blood prince cover!

the scholastic deluxe edition. okkkk. what’s so deluxe about it? extra stuff? like what?!


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