Can you feel the cold tonight.It sets in, but it’s alright.

heh heh. i didn’t blog yesterday because i didn’t feel like it. plus i had alot of things to do. (designing a blog for gracie and a whole cd album for lionel – it’s for their birthday). and i managed to get 11 hours of sleep!

nothing much happened yesterday. went to church real early to sell food. the profit made wasn’t as much as last week but business was still good. we don’t have to sell food for the next few weeks. yay! can sleep in. haha. i was so tired yesterday, that i nodded off when uncle sam was speaking. (yes! uncle sam!!! my favourite speaker!!!) now that’s a first…

nothing much happened today either. watched some episodes of the oc. used the computer. and went to jiang for chinese tuition which is totally unnecessary. i had no choice because they don’t allow refunds. at least the cutest guy in class sat next to me. :) for today. i think he’ll be wanting to sit next to his girlfriend who is also in the same class.(there wasn’t any seats for 2 left when they came in and the girl wanted to sit with her friend). what a coincidence. oh well. i mean, he’s such a nice guy. i don’t even know him but he actually offered me a sweet. (i must have looked tired + how many guys would actually offer a girl stranger sweets?! maybe some of you have met these kind of guys but it’s a first for me). i don’t eat fisherman’s friend so i just shooked my head. i was quite shocked to say anything. he did talk to me a few times. mostly about work, of course. and i found out that his chinese is even worse than mine. haha. i also felt like a giant light bulb because his girlfriend kept turning her head to look at him. or rather, smile at him. so i had to sit in a way that could allow her to see his face (i was sitting on the outside). the lesson was super boring. i was stoning all the way.

after the stupid tuition, i went to city link to visit pong! i kept gushing about that cute tuition guy. haha! well, he’s just an eye candy. i don’t like guys who are younger than me even if they look older than me. :D helped pong buy starbucks coffee because i had the buy-1-get-1-free frappuccino coupon. so we only paid like 3 bucks each.

tuition again tomorrow!!! :( but at least i have k-box to look forward to.


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