Simple yet amazing.

oh no!!! i’m addicted to this soya bean fried doughstick song by jj lin. because pong and cher sang this at k-box today and i kinda fell in love with it. -_-. i have stopped falling in love with a chinese songs since secondary 1. and now i’m even considering to buy jj lin’s album?! what has happened to me?! haha. and i didn’t really sing alot of english songs today. i sang mostly jay chou songs. but of course i don’t know how to read some of the chimalogy words.

k-box was super fun. it’s always fun with the cuzzies. additional craziness comes from pong. the abnormal lame one in our group. haha. after k-box we went to suntec. i drank starbucks again but this time with cherie. haha. used the buy-1-get-1-free coupon. i tried the rhumba flavour. it’s not that bad. i think we should take this opportunity to try out all the flavours. :D not a bad idea right. after buying starbucks, cherie had to go for her haircut. so me and pong hung around suntec while nibbling on our bakin’ boys cookies. then, she had to go for her interview at esplanade. i went to the library for a while before heading to jiang for boring boring tuition. the cute guy sat with me again (i guess it’s permanent until it ends). :D

p.s. cuzzie outing 2 pictures uploaded at the dotphoto gallery. thanks to cherie again for sending them to me. :)


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