As the light grows intense, I’m getting the sense.

school was actually quite fun today. except for prsp lecture. the lecturer is very very boring. i don’t know how am i going to survive her future lectures. lol. after the first period, cmaths, janet, gwen, adeline, farhana and i followed most of the guys in our class to the library. we went there to “study”. haha. so far, i think only our prsp lecturer is boring. there may be more to come. then after the second period, we went to the mensa block for lunch. although the katsu don is uncomparable to yoshinoya, it’s still rather good and cheap. i couldn’t even finish my rice.

after school, i went to city hall to meet lionel. we were actually supposed to meet at j8 but he was there so haha. (i skipped chinese tuition by the way. unofficially. :D no point going today if i’m going to miss the wednesday, thursday and friday lesson right?) we went to watch the house of wax. this movie is sick i tell you. they actually wax the living person alive. ouch! i was so grossed out i almost didn’t have the appetite to eat dinner. but if i didn’t eat, lionel wouldn’t eat. so i had no choice. (he just didn’t want me to take pictures of him eating. haha! i did that to him and jas one year ago.) walked around j8. pestered him to take pictures. but the pictures have somehow disappeared without me knowing. :'( never mind. next time, i’ll take the whole cell. hehe.

i have school until 5pm tomorrow. sigh. have to go for that stupid NE talk. i will surely be stoning away…

p.s. i don’t why people think that when you’re going out with a guy, you’re going out on a date. even telling them countless of them that we are nothing, that it’s only a sibling kinda outing. they still had to rant on and on about it. these people could really jeopardise people’s friendship. especially with the guy. so people out there, hear me out. perfect example, my best friend and some guy we’ve been matchmaking for about 1 year. she doesn’t even talk to him because we tease her too much. but it’s okay because she doesn’t even know him. but for my case it’s totally different. so please stop.


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