And nothing’s quite alright.

today’s another tiring day. school was only 3 hours today though.

at around noon, me and some of my family members including the cuzzies went to the hotel pheonix for lunch with this grand-aunt who flew here from america. she is so funny. the last time i saw her, i was about 2. and she actually expected me to remember her. -_- er..ok.. anyway the hotel food was pretty yucky. the seafood/chicken in a basket was actually a variety of frozen foods which can be found in any supermarket. while waiting for the food, we were busy taking pictures! having a personal camera rocks. ^_^.

after lunch, me and pong walked around somerset/orchard because it was too early for me to go to school. we were also deciding what to buy for cherie’s farewell gift. she’s really leaving tomorrow. :'( i’ll be seeing her off at the airport tomorrow but i doubt i will have any chance to talk to her. haha. the airport is going to be packed with her friends i tell you.

school was alright. it’ll never be boring with people like janet, gwen and adeline around. crazy bunch. anyway during break, we saw quite alot of photos of nestle pinned on the board!!! janet actually helped me to take one of them using my digicam. haha! thank you da jie!!! i love you!!! :D when she was taking the picture, the rest of us were laughing like a pack of hyenas for no reason. maybe we’re laughing at the way janet was taking the picture. she’s damn funny larh.

after school, i went to yishun to meet up with pong. then, we went to cherie’s house for the very last time. she was busy talking on the phone. so pong and i entertained ourselves. we took more pictures!!! we stayed until around 10 i think. sigh. i’m going to miss all the stuff we usually do at their house. the barbeque’s, christmas, new year, etc. going to miss cher too. the outings we had the past few weeks were really fun. can’t wait to visit you in canada. :)

p.s. pictures uploaded at the dotphoto gallery!!! cuzzie outing 3 and life at tp. :)


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