Being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up.

today was another tiring day. i was out the whole day again. well, almost. i took a 3-hour afternoon nap today.

i woke up early in the morning at 7am to send cherie and her family off. all i can say is that cherie and nick both have a lot of “fans”. she was busy entertaining all of them. haha. me and pong were like standing at one side looking at her. we did say our goodbyes too. and we gave her a farewell gift – a book called the empress something. haha. well, pong bought it. i just paid her back half the price. when she left, i felt like something has been taken out from my life. i don’t really know how to explain it but it kinda feels weird to imagine the whole family not living in singapore but in canada. *sob* but i’ll never stop teasing cherie about her and this guy whom i shall not mention. :D

after breakfast at the airport, me and my brother went straight home while my parents went to expo for some food festival thing. i was lying on my bed when jas told me that we’re having a surprise birthday party for lionel. it was so sudden, i didn’t think my mom would allow me to go. so, i waited for her to come back. obviously she didn’t allow it at first. she said my eyes looked tired and i should rest. -_-. hello. i just woke up from my nap! after much persuading and some help from my dad, i was allowed to go! ^_^.

lionel didn’t know about this party. jia hao had to lie to him the whole day. (he asked lionel to play lan with him in the afternoon and what’s with the fiancee?! haha.) and his mom was the one who organised this (so sweet). when we reached the gorgeous/lavish condo, we barbequed a little while waiting for lionel to arrive. when jia hao gave us the signal, we hid behind the wall and when he came out of the lift we just screamed. he looked so shocked. (we didn’t think it would work because the barbeque was at his aunt’s estate. but jia hao told him they were going to ben fong’s house to eat. lol.) i know, aren’t we sweet too. haha. we ate more stuff, took pictures, ate marshmallows, played with a snail and took pictures again.

i left the estate at around 10 with gracie. reached home at around 11.30pm. i’m so lucky my mom didn’t scold me or anything because i promised her i’ll be back early. hehe.

p.s. pictures of the party uploaded at the dotphoto gallery!


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