Is it fear that makes us blind?

i was almost late for school today. i was suppposed to wake up at 5.30am today but instead, i woke up at 6.45am. luckily i woke up before 7am. if not, i would be so dead. so, i took a cab to school. when the cab was reaching my school, the tyres went a little bonkers. the cabby uncle said that maybe some screw came loose or something. -_-. but he was very kind. he still sent me all the way to school. only making me walk a little. i reached at about 7.30. it takes only half an hour to reach school by car. so damn pissed. >_<.

today was lab day. spent the whole day looking at the computer screen. we received another assignment for visual literacy. sighhhh. it’s very much like art + literature combined together. had some help from vialli and papa for my week 1 assignment. apparently, they are doing exactly the same stuff as i am. how cool is that?! haha. but my mom helped me the most. ^_^.

whoop! i can sleep late tonight! :D *sings “california, california, here we come.”* lol.

“stupid me. feel like bashing my head against the wall. why am i so laggy?!”

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