With fresh new starts and broken hearts. Where no one knows your name.

whoop! i finished taking pictures of j8 today. got told off by 2 shops. but we already took the picture of the shop. what the heck. :p and thanks cuzzie pong for accompanying me!!! this is the first time i got tired while walking around j8. usually, i will only be tired if i walked around orchard. haha.

i went to ting’s house after school today. ate lunch and slacked around. haha.

bought all my paint stuff for visual lit but i forgot to buy the most important thing – A3 size drawing block. -_-. wahhhh!!! sob sob… i guess i won’t be sleeping tomorrow.

p.s. here’s the evidence. JJ is really coming to my school. ahaha!!! can’t wait!!!

::click to enlarge::


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