Nobody said it was easy.

i am feeling much better compared to yesterday. we don’t have to do the hotel interview anymore because my mom said that the hotels wouldn’t give a damn about us unless we have an appointment and a permission letter from school. plus my mom once worked in a hotel. so it would be quite easy for us.

good charlotte is coming to singapore for a concert and nobody told me about it?! >_<. i’m so glad they’re coming during my study break. haha. what a coincidence. it must be a sign for me to go for it or something. haha. hope i can find someone to go with me.

my visual lit is still not done! bert asked me to draw simple sketches. lol. but i can’t do simple. i’m a very complicated and detailed person. in short, a perfectionist. ^_^.

anyway, i went to watch madagascar with ting, ginks and ginks’ friend from NYP. the show was very funny! could hear ting laughing non-stop. haha. the ending was indeed abrupt but it was still worth the 7 bucks. :) oh and before the movie, we went to hmv for awhile. and i saw the cutest cutest cutest cutest caucasian tourist. *swoon* i almost fainted. lol. just joking. you know how girls are like. constantly looking out for eye candies. :D

home alone + no school tomorrow. whoop!


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