The memories shaken apart from the weeds that grow.

today was one long day…

met up with my cell for lunch at holland v today. but i didn’t eat because i had late breakfast and also because i owe some people money. haha.

church was at 2.30pm today. i was nodding off during sermon again. and i have to tell you that i’m not the only one nodding off. hehe. after church i met ting aka errol at outram station.

we went to sentosa! not to play of course. but to take pictures for digital imaging. sigh. spent 3 bucks for admission fee. we wanted to go to siloso beach but we lost our way. we even went into a construction site. -_-. and ting made me trip twice. she can really curse people? if she asked you to be careful while going down the stairs, you will so definitely trip at some point. :x

the best part of today is that my maid’s back from her holiday!!! yay!!! XD

p.s. photos uploaded at the dotphoto gallery – life in tp and church friends album.


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