It’s stupid to even try to pretend.

this week has been another terrible one. on wednesday, i had to rush my NMM proposal and my visual literacy. and i haven’t even started studying for my term test which happens on monday. >_<.

time sure passes by really fast. term 1 is almost over. and soon, the 1st semester would be over.

i sure can’t wait for my break which is so not going to be a break…i have one whole list of stuff to do. prsp project, iiso project part 2 (sickening), nmm project, 2 visual literacy assignments and complete digital imaging by 11th july. how am i going to survive?!


someone buy me a ham ham! life would be so much more interesting. lol. i’ve always wanted one. but my parents kinda despise any pets with fur. i can’t even have one tiny ham ham. pathetic. no thanks to wei hao who showed me his hamster video. :x he reminded me of my desire to have a ham ham. (which was forgotten a year ago due to the o levels. haha.) >_<. shoooo cute! (see above).


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