There is reason for looking up but I’m feeling down.

went for cell today! i mean yesterday.. since it’s already 3am now. haha. it’s been a long time since we had cell. missed the cellies lots. we watched this video by eddy, jiahao, jing and jas! haha. damn hilarious but there’s lots of meaning to the skit.

“don’t waste your life. do something to honour God. instead of bumming around.

after cell, we went to kopitiam for dinner. haha. bryan and andy were like constantly looking out for the 200-pound tiger beer lady who was walking around. so mean!!! then they started talking about their overly overweight teachers… -_- haha.

it was quite late when we finished dinner. but i didn’t feel like going home that early. so i went to the arcade with most of our cellies. haha. they went to play the initial d game. no difference from daytona. no idea why they are so hooked to it. so andy, jas and i went to play our favourite bishi bashi! jas = pro. andy and i were like struggling with some of the games. haha. after arcade-ing, i went home with andy and his sister. thank God for friends who lives near me.

sigh. feeling so down right now. thank you gracie, ginks and papa for listening to my woes. i don’t know what i would do without you guys. da jie and i were talking about how we’re not really close to our secondary mates now. but seriously, it’s your secondary mates who knows you best. for now, that is. trying my best to cherish them and not lose these precious jewels. and of course gracie. church friends are responsible for our lives. i know. :D i love all my friends.

although i’m feeling really down, at least i have something to dream about when i sleep. only ginks knows about this… how lucky can you get ginks. :p

p.s. mcfly is going to have a new album!!! 26th august. weeee!!! they will be featuring a track of the album every single week!!! yayness.

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