It’s still the same old story.

went back to school to hand up my digital assignment today. what a waste of my time.

but it wasn’t so bad because da jie, ting and i went to shop again. this time, we went to bugis.
i bought myself a skirt and 2 tops. total amount spent? $26. i love the skirt lots. i’m really glad i bought it. because i was hesitating at first. da jie also bought 1 too.

my skirty skirt

anyway, the 2 tops that i bought were chosen by da jie. haha! i promised her that i will blog this down. she calls the tops very “artsy”. which is true. :D

andddd…. we took neoprints again!!! maybe we should make neoprint taking a crazies tradition? haha. it means that everytime we go out we have to take neoprints. haha. ting will kill me if she sees this.

::click to enlarge::

before that we went to burger king for lunch with farma and gwenny. but they didn’t want to join us for our shopping trip. :(

i guess i got to go now. i have to wake up at 6am tomorrow!!! why? GC concert. woot. you may call me crazy but this is a situation of life and death. i need a close up picture of billy and joel! haha!


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