I don’t care about a thing today.

yesterday’s GC concert was rawkin’! however, it couldn’t be compared to my first ever concert by simple plan. i wasn’t sweating, screaming, jumping or going crazy. my leg didn’t even hurt like crazy after that. i didn’t even almost want to cry.

i went to queue about 8+am. but seriously all my efforts were wasted in the end. was really pissed off.

i was sitting all alone from 8am-2pm because that boony was late. he was supposed to be there at 12!!! and there i was, hungry like anything. i almost swallowed my burger whole when it came. haha. exaggerating here! then suddenly i heard screams from people. obviously GC has arrived. i don’t know why i didn’t go have a look at that time. maybe i wasn’t thinking straight?! so after for a while i went to the toilet. saw many people crowding at the backstage door. but i went back instead of being a busybody. after like 15 minutes, my neighbour in the queue came back saying that billy and benji came out to shake hands with them!!! they also signed autographs. oh my goodness. i wasn’t there! i wish i could turn back the time but it was too late. billy was there!!! if he wasn’t, i might have felt better. then, me and boony started playing cards. he kept winning!!! and he’s a major crapper. :x

around 3pm, the people who were queuing at the back suddenly rushed to the front because they thought the gates were opening!!! puh-lease!!! the concert starts at 8?! so instead of having 30+ people in front of us, we had almost 50-60. these people are cheaters!!! oh man… and i queued up so early in the morning!!! i have nothing to say except that this concert is really messed up for me. since we had 4 hours more, we sat down. or rather, we were squating. and because some people didn’t have the space to sit, we had to suffer by looking at their butts and praying that none of them will fart in our face.

we started going in around 6.30pm. and boy is the indoor stadium strict. we were scanned with a metal detector before going in. and because we weren’t allowed to bring in digital cameras, i left mine in the bag which was deposited at the counter. i wanted to put it in my shoes at first but that would be too risky. but after we went in, boon said that i could have put my camera in a handphone pouch. because we were allowed to bring in our handphones! gee. thanks for the last minute tip. because of that, i couldn’t get i decent shot of anyone. the best i got was this billy-like figure. it was captured using my handphone. thus, the crappy quality.

i was actually standing at the 3rd row at first. in front of billy’s keyboard!!! but the stupid people [people who look neither like cauasians nor chinese but have weird accents] at the sides kept pushing. so i got squeezed out of the 3rd row to the 4th and so on. boony’s even worse because he was standing behind me. at that point, i felt like i was constricted by a huge python. i couldn’t even see a single thing on the stage. i tried pushing back but i guess i was too tiny? i was so so so angry and pissed at that time. i almost wanted to curse everyone who is obstructing me. but being a good girl, i didn’t. so in the end we went all the way to the back to join boony’s church friend. i kinda half regretted getting out of my spot but i really had no choice. i don’t want to be squished to death.

so they sang quite alot of my favourite songs. all of them were my favourite actually. they sound and look so good in real life. love their electric guitars. so so so cool. most of the time i was staring at the billy who never smiles. i love his hair!!! and after every song, i will like say something about billy to boon. but he doesn’t seem to be irritated so i carried on. ahaha!!!

pong came to my house today for a movie marathon. we watched sisterhood of the travelling pants and 13 going on 30. we watched stupid flash animations thereafter.

i think my post is long enough… in conclusion, billy is hawt. the next concert will be better because i will make sure i’ll be the first one there. that’s the singaporean spirit. HAHA. “kiasu“.


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