It’s a feeling that you cannot miss.

my blog is seriously going to rot soon. projects and assignments are causing me to have sleepless nights and no time to do any personal stuff at all. i haven’t even finished reading harry potter! every week is the same. there would be at least one sleepless night per week. can’t wait for the holidays to come.

anyway i got back my prsp and visual lit grades today. i have to say i was quite happy with what i got. especially prsp because i didn’t study for it at all. haha. and for visual lit – i think i got quite a good grade through my crapping skills. i seriously don’t think my art piece is that great compared to my other classmates. esp that farma. >_<.

we presented our nmm beta website today. i think mine sucked. going to redo the whole layout. i really want to score well for nmm. it’s much easier compared to iiso. sighyy.

to those who wants to go to a polytechic in the future : be prepared. it ain’t easy at all.


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