I’m jaded, stupid, and wreckless.

it’s going to be 5am and i’m still awake. feeling this weight on my heart. like it’s going to drop from the veins and arteries really soon. wish i didn’t have to feel that way but i just do. things like these are always so hard for me. need a major cheer up session. pronto! but i think that wouldn’t really help either. maybe just temporary. luckily i’m meeting the crazies tomorrow. we’re going out to take pictures for our next digital imaging assignment. i think it’s easier than the first? because we can use photoshop now.

got back the rest of my papers today. have to say that i’m very pleased with my results. A for maths. i got a C5 for ‘O’ levels!!! all thanks to ji wang who made things seem easier. i was expecting to get an A for NMM but i only got a B. guess i didn’t study hard enough. but the mark is still considerably high? haha.

anyway the crazies passed everything! only 9 people out of 23 passed everything. terrible right? oh well. da jie has always been the one to motivate us. haha. love you girls lots.

going to sleep with a broken heart. or maybe i should just cry to sleep? if not i don’t i can fall asleep. i make things sound so terrible but actually it’s nothing much. haha. sighyy.

p.s. look what i had for brunch today.

i made it myself! looks so artistic, doesn’t it? XD. and it’s yummy too. can’t resist the urge to post my artistic hotdog so there you go!


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