And just the thought of you I fear it falls away.

i finally have something solid to blog instead of complaining about my life the whole day.

went to watch charlie and the chocolate factory with farma today. the show was quite cute but dumb at some times. or should i say, lame? haha. i will always laugh when the oompa loompas come out to sing. admist all the chocolate and kids getting into trouble, the story is quite touching. only at the ending. hah. touches on family too. wonder why my mom says that show is evil. everything is evil to her. and now, the wonka’s welcome song is stuck in my head. -_-. after the movie, we walked around plaza singapura and practically went in every shop there is.

“don’t care if you think i’m crazy, it doesn’t matters if it turns out bad, i’ve got no fear of losing you. you can’t lose what you never had.”


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