Right now I really don’t care if I’m alone or if I got you sittin’ here.

i have finally finished reading the half blood prince. it seriously took forever. i am not abit shocked when i came to the part where snape killed dumbledore because SOMEBODY let the cat out the bag even before anyone else has read it. well, if you haven’t read the book and intend to read it quite soon, i would advise you not to highlight the paragraph below. because i’m going to comment some stuff about the story. XD. aren’t i considerate?

  • i’m quite sick of the jealously thing going on between won-won and hermoine. can’t they just confess that they like each other?! lol. XD
  • i have to say i was quite shocked when harry started feeling something for ginny. i guess they make quite a good pair. but they broke up in the end. sigh.
  • snape sucks. have no idea why dumbledore trusts him so much. and he’s the damn half blood prince?! puke. arrogant bastard. XD
  • i guess for the next book, the setting of the story will not be at hogwarts anymore. i think it will be about ron, hermoine and harry searching for voldemort’s horcuxes.
  • some people think that that harry is one of the horcuxes. hmm. maybe. because he has some of his powers. ability to speak parsel tongue and all that. that means he will have to die in the end?! sigh.
  • lavender brown is an irritating girl.

well that’s all i can remember at this moment. i read the book in many intervals over 3 weeks so i doubt that i can remember much. besides, i have so much on my mind now. 3 more weeks and 2 days left claire! and i’m free! from constant heartaches, stress and lack of sleep. will miss the crazies though. but it’s alright because we can meet up. =)

went to church today. i have to admit i have been skipping quite alot of services lately. and everytime i go back, i will feel very guilty. went back home with andy after service. he psycho-ed me to take bus 857 with him. in the end, i had to walk home from castle green which took around 15 minutes, i think. but it wasn’t so bad. the walk was kinda refreshing i must say. but once i reached home, all the heartbreaking stuff came back again. when can this end?! *begs for it to end a.s.a.p.*


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