Your point of view is pretty screwed to me.

although today is the eve of our national day, we didn’t have any half day or celebrations. sickening!!! i’m still 17!!! i don’t even get a holiday on youth day. >_<. but i guess it beats having make up lessons at night. so i don’t mind not having a public holiday for now.

i took some pictures of myself while eating my dessert earlier on. haha! you can say that i have nothing better to do…

gosh! i look so retarded. -_-“

giant strawberries which are so so sweet. they have to be sweet, obviously. my dad paid 12 bucks for 1 box!!! i love strawberries. especially when they are dipped in chocolate fondue. mmmm…. *eyes starts to twinkle*

well, there isn’t going to be any school for the next 2 days. yay-ness!!! guess i’ll be at home, rotting to death? nah… i think i better start on my nmm website. dajie remember to force me!!! XD.


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