Say it’s true. Say you like me. Just for the night.

i woke up so early today. feeling the side effects now. and i have iiso project meeting with my group tomorrow. my poor saturday is taken up just like that. hope we can finish everything by tomorrow.

well, we had visual lit lecture today. after that, i followed gwennyny’s iiso group to ck’s house because gwennyny said she didn’t want to go there alone (she’s the only girl in the group). i ended up helping them a little. painted some stuff for them, thought of how to stick the partitions etc. i guess i’m that kinda person who can’t sit at a corner and do nothing. i will feel very very very agitated if i don’t do anything. haha. weirdo.

then we went back to school after that for tutorials.

so tired… turning in now.

p.s. i took more pictures of my dessert. haha. this time, i had cherries instead of strawberries. i still prefer strawberries though. they taste more yummy in chocolate compared to cherries.


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