Whatever it takes, I’ll make your darkest days so bright

i actually wanted to blog yesterday but i fell asleep instead. this week has been incredibly exhausting. after next week, i’ll finally be project free!!! anyway here are the 2 posts i’ve been wanting to post. XD

today was the iiso presentation day. the whole class wore formal. wearing heels seriously sucked. my feet were hurting like crazy after that. here are some of the pictures we took. :D

there are loads more which can be viewed at the dotphoto gallery very soon. i’m just lazy to upload them. surprisingly, our usually detached class felt pretty united today. which is good, isn’t it? guess it takes time for this to happen. but we only have less than 2 weeks of lessons left. hopefully we’ll all be back in the same class next semester.

i lost my whole wallet on this very uneventful day. and it happened early in the morning 7.10am. i don’t even know how i lost it. i did went back to the bus to check but nothing was there. so how did i managed to go to school? well, this kind person named boony paps gave me a lift. haha. he’s so rich. can actually afford to take a cab to school. he even told the taxi driver to keep the $1.80 change. that’s almost 2 bucks?! he’s indeed mad but kind-hearted. eh boony paps, i’m praising you here. haha. i was in school super early to do my vis lit with boony paps and ham. i was slacking all the way on wednesday night. just couldn’t manage to force myself to do it. so, we were rushing like mad and only went to class at 8.30am instead of 8. i almost didn’t have to mood to do anything but i just forced my brain to do it.

went to the police station with gwenny after school to report the lost of my I/C etc. and some idiotic guy from tampines secondary actually asked me for my name and age. well, obviously i ignored him. gwenny said he had tattoos on his arm. i get it.

so after all the police stuff i went back to the interchange to check if any kind soul returned my wallet. zilch. i guess my wallet is gone forever. i just hope that the fishing idiotic person would just send back my I/C. don’t want my parents to spend 100 bucks just to remake it.

i also hope that the person who has my wallet now will suffer from some retribution or whatever.

p.s. major thanks to the following people: boony paps for giving me a lift, farma for lending me money for lunch and for my bus fare, dajie and raine too. gwenny for accompanying me to the police station! love you guys lots. i’m so touched. *cries* XD


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