I’m staring at your pictures from my lonely little cell

i woke up at 9am this morning. was supposed to continue doing my nmm website but i’m still slacking. what the hell is wrong with me?! why can’t i just get on with it?! motivation from my friends doesn’t help much either. man oh man. i’m dead. i shall force myself to start after blogging. >_<. anyway i recieved a package from UK this morning. was quite shocked actually. it contains a letter and a keychain from this band called the noise next door. i just signed up for the street team and they sent me something. i thought that these kinda things only happen within their country. but sending goodies all the way to singapore made me really touched. haha. it’s like regardless of where there fans are, they will still think of them etc. if only mcfly will do that too… XD

i’m really lacking of motivation. too many distractions around me? sighhhhhhhhhhh.

p.s. TP C111G iiso formal photos are finally uploaded at the dotphoto gallery.


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