Something tells me it’s going to take patience

there is only 5 more days to my exams and i haven’t done a single thing. i keep telling myself i will do it tomorrow but that tomorrow never ever comes. haha. oh well. i will try to write down the notes for iiso tonight.

went out with tingo today! we went to pizza hut for lunch and venezia for dessert.

i love venezia’s hazelnut flavour. it leaves a really refreshing feeling in your mouth.

after lunch, tingo’s friend, java king, came to meet us. i have no idea why. he just tagged along while we went girl shopping. i didn’t buy much. just a magazine. went around far east to look for a certain type of bracelet but i just couldn’t find it anywhere.

i want a good charlotte poster!!! >_< they don’t appear much on any magazines anymore. [this month’s issue of tiger beat contains their poster but the magazine costs 9 bucks!!!] i just have to wait for the release of their next album.

why can’t you just be there?


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