I’d give you my hand if you’d reach out and grab it

finally everything is over. no more studying and projects! [for now until 6th november]. one semester is gone just like that. sighhhhh. :( exams were okay. just hope that i can pass.

i just came home not long ago. went to zouk with tingo for the 17 magazine birthday bash which was not really a bash. it was so boring. we left the place one and a half hours later. haha. there was no food and the only drinks they served was coke. actually, there was food but only strawberries/marshmallows/biscuits dipped in chocolate. and there’s like only 3 plates of those. 3 plates to feed about 200 people?! actually the main reason why i went there was to get the goody bag + experience the feel of going to a club? haha. there wasn’t much to experience anyway. the goody bag rocks though. it contains britney’s curious perfume and notebook, ZA cosmetics etc etc.

the stuff

tingo and i
we left zouk at around 8.30pm i think. and went to great world city to take pictures in the toilet. rofl. then we went to taka’s mcdonalds for dinner. we ate until we were one of the last few people to get out of taka. there were like security guards escoting you out. i have to say it was quite cool. haha. walking in an empty shopping centre with escorts and people waiting at the doors sure makes you feel exclusive. XD

right here waiting


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