Only when I stop to think about it

went out with tingo today to look for a job. we made a couple of calls but there’s only one company that invited us to go to their office. so we ate lunch at wheelock place first. NYDC!!! i haven’t had nydc for a long long time.

the baked rice was super filling. with all that cheese. yummilicious. it was a very big portion too. so big that i can’t even finish the whole plate.

after that, we went to south bridge road for the job interview. and boy did we had a hard time looking for that damn office. i even had to call the receptionist twice. but we managed to find our way there. filled out the application form. went in for an “interview” with the manager. and what was the job about? some charity-product-selling thing that you can always find on the streets. i ALWAYS run away from these people and here i am applying for this job. -_-. but we may not get it anyway. he said he wanted to review our applications first. lol. what is there to review? i’m kinda hoping that i will not recieve their call tomorrow. haha. but if they do, i guess i’ll just try my best first before quitting???

then, we went to funan it mall. just walked around. still deciding whether i should choose ipod or zen. it’s such a tough decision to make. forget it. i shall work first and worry about it later. haha.

after around 1 hour, it started raining heavily. and i forgot to bring my umbrella with me. so tingo and i had to run all the way to the mrt station which is not very near mind you. walked around city link to dry ourselves before getting on the train.

i can’t believe i have to go to school tomorrow. >_<. woobs called me this morning for my visual literacy journal. it’s already 2 weeks late and he still wants it?! to tell you the truth… i didn’t even write anything for the last assignment. so i’m kinda like doing it now. *yawn*


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