Sitting halfway, away from nowhere

didn’t blog yesterday because my mood was terrible. i started my job and quit it on the very same day. i didn’t quit just because the job sucked. i also got bullied. yea…

i guess the director just put me in the wrong team. of all the teams, he had to put me in a slavedriver’s team. i was called a terrible and shallow person with a bad attitute. [by that asshole team leader who is about the same age as my dad] oh wow. he’s the first person who has ever “complimented” me like that. he really pissed me off big time.

what did he do to piss me off? tons of things. but i think i will start from the top first.

so, me and tingo were one of the first ones to reach the office. we took a seat and saw this group of people wearing yellow shirts in another room. [we actually laughed at them] the director briefed us in his office [while briefing, i was thinking about how much this job is going to suck] before introducing us to our teams. and sadly, i was separated from tingo. she got to be in a team with a girl. but i was the only girl on the team with a 25 year old man and an old man who happens to be that asshole leader i was talking about earlier. then, this other director named alfred came in to give us a lame talk about acheiving goals and dreams. gag me. i had enough of that last year with adam khoo. so basically my mind was shut off while he was talking. the other people were quite psycho as well because they were taking down what he said. -_-. after the load of crap, he came to the bonus part. which ever team who manages to sell 2 books first will recieve an extra 20 bucks. 3 books for 60 bucks. 4 books for 80 and 5 for 100. so if one team manages to be the first one to call at every step, gets to have a bonus of 280 bucks. so this is how the director motivates his people. by using money. you should have seen the face of my asshole team leader. he looked as if he has just taken ecstacy or something.

after we were “dismissed”, my team went to the lavendar car park outside the place where you make your passport. asshole said that it’s a very good place because most of the people are foreigners and most of them have lots of money. he asked me to observe tommy first before starting on my own. with that, he left to who knows where. probably eating his breakfast somewhere. so after seeing tommy confront a few people, i went around too. man, it was hard! i’ve never talked to so many strangers in my life. some of them are obviously not interested and i know exactly how they feel because i am one of them. this job is totally not for me. so after that asshole came back, i asked him if anybody quit on the first day. he said no. he’s probably lying because he lies to all the customers anyway. what first time doing this job. and he’s a christian?! he probably WAS one but not anymore or maybe he isn’t even one. plus he has his christian values all wrong. wtf. he told me that charity is always placed first in christianity which is bullshit. God is always first. wtf. and if he wants to do charity so much he should volunteer instead!! but he’s being paid to do charity!! does it make any sense? i was so pissed with him i just went to the back of the carpark and sms-ed queenie. since i was so near church i could probably stop by. so i asked that asshole if i could by promising him i would sell some tickets there. after half an hour the two of them went to the bugis carpark while i went to church. you could say i was slacking there. talked to queenie about this whole thing and we decided that since they want the bonus so much, i must as well let them sell my tickets too so they can have the f-ing bonus to themselves. i don’t want a share of it. so i sms-ed that asshole about my plan and he said it was good. and he kept sending me those pathetic God bless me messages and what thank you for your love and co-operation because he thought i was selling almost all of the tickets? i only sold 1 to queenie. she only bought it from me out of pity obviously and not because of the charity shit [my mom said that the charity only gets 1% of the whole thing]. that asshole called me at around 3 and asked me to go back to the carpark. i thought it was just to pass him the book but instead he asked me to clear it. wtf. i already said i didn’t want the bonus. at the end of the day, i sold some. but it wasn’t good enough for him? they did clear the 5 booklets though.

our team got 3 out of the 4 bonuses. the other one went to tingo’s team. and because my face was black like anything, the receptionist [she told me she sold nothing on her first day. and i did!!! wth.] and the director who interviewed me asked me what was wrong. i just told them that this job is not for me and i quit. i think the director kinda knew what happened because he asked me if i wanted to change my team. like that will help. i still will have to see that asshole’s face everyday. at least they were being nice to me unlike that idiot who is a money face, poser, and shitface etc etc. i didn’t even get to eat my lunch.

after the whole thing, that asshole asked me to go downstairs with him because he wanted to talk to me. it turned out to be a lecture. and there i was, staring into space and letting him bombard me with all his shit. i could very well talk back to him but i didn’t want to. he offered me a stinking drink but i refused because i have no time to drink and “chit-chat”. i just want to leave this place asap. and because i refused his offer, he said i was being shallow. whatever man. i had so many verbal abuses on that day, i was already numb. the lecture was about me not understanding myself, being so emotionless etc… well too bad he got to know the other side of me [which happens so rarely]. so far, he’s the only one to experience it.

tingo came down fetch me but that asshole was not done yet. he even asked tingo to sit down. then he spoke to her in chinese. i may not be good in chinese but i could catch what he was saying. it was something about me. like why did i come for the interview if i didn’t want this job. and he talked about my attitute. because i gave him the stone face the whole day to let him know i was pissed. so tingo talked back to him. haha. she said that we didn’t know we had to do this until today. which is true. she said something else but i forgot what. must be something strong because he said i could leave after that.

what a fucking day i had. sorry for all the vulgarities. if there’s any typo mistakes, just leave them be because i’m not editing it anymore. re-reading this would just make me angry all over again.

i’m alright now. just have to brainwash myself abit. you know, try to forget about this whole thing.

p.s. if you see any old man around lavendar or bugis wearing this yellow shirt which says “juice asia” just tell him he’s a con and a f-ing bastard.


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