I can’t believe the pain received and I can’t believe what you said

i think my dad is insane. or maybe he has too much money to spend? he just bought me a new laptop which is a little better than my current one. it’s also smaller and lighter. however, i’m quite attached to my current lappy!!! [which is only 5 months old] so it’s going to take some time for me to be accustomed to the new one. >_<. plus… the new lappy is kinda abnormal because it’s green in color.

i have no idea why it looks blue on photos. it’s not blue.
the colour of the laptop is something like that i think.
my mother says my father has no taste which i totally agree. he didn’t even ask if they have it in another colour. silver is still the ultimate colour for laptops. oh well. there’s nothing i can do about it anyway. my current baby laptop is going to be taken over by my mother. i’m going to miss it a lot.

*chants: “it’s the quality that counts not the colour.” x 10000000*

oh what the hell. i just have to live with it. the only thing that attracts me to that shrek-ish laptop is the beautiful speakers and 1GB of RAM.


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