Once again your eyes make it hard to ask you why

it is always sad to see some hollywood golden couple breaking up or getting divorced. first, there’s ryan cabrera and ashlee simpson. then brad pitt and jennifer aniston. now, chad michael murray and sophia bush [left]. they tied the knot only five months ago. jeez. i seriously don’t think there’s any hollywood couple who abide by the wedding vows of “till death do us part”. however, there’s one favourite couple of mine who is still hanging strong. rachel bilson and adam brody. XD i’m so crossing my fingers for them. speaking of them…

the o.c. season 3 is here!!! erm..not really here in singapore but in the US. lol. can’t wait for it to be broadcasted here in singapore. the thing is, i missed around 20 episodes of season 2. so i don’t think i’m going to understand season 3? can’t wait to get my hands on the dvd but it’s not out yet. if only i live in the west – there would be many drama marathons for me. one tree hill, everwood [channel 5 stopped showing it after 5 episodes!!! >: ( darn!!!], gilmore girls, veronica mars, laguna beach, summerland [jesseeeeee!!!], reunion [omg sean faris!!! *drools*], life as we know it and the list goes on and on…


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