Now i’m a world away from everything we shared

oh yeah. i’ve changed my blog layout yet again. think i still prefer this kind of layout compared to the clicky ones. this design is pretty dull… but i like it!!! :p i have probably said this many times but i want to say it again – i love emotive blog layouts!!!

haven’t been blogging for a few days. much has happened. i’m feeling quite tired right now so i won’t go into the unnecessary stuff.

my baby cousin died in his/her mother’s stomach 2 days ago. he/she didn’t even have the chance to see the sunlight. life is so precious, but some people give it up like it’s nothing. what a pity isn’t it? i have to admit that i’ve thought of commiting suicide before in my secondary school days. the stress. no real friends [that was back in secondary 1]. i actually contemplated on drinking poison. haha. i didn’t want to die in pain. hence, the poison method.

gosh… my brain is really not working. i have so much more to say but i just can’t seem to phrase it into words.


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