A romantic plastic piece of shit you can mould

tingo and i went back to school today. haha. you can call us crazy or whatever. i’m just tired of staying at home everyday and letting out stink bombs. surprisingly, there was quite a number of people in school studying for their supp papers. we thought we’re going to have the whole school to ourselves but it’s close enough. :D

we went to the engine school to have lunch – pasta with chicken chop! and by the way, the IT canteen is almost done. hurray! after lunch, we went to the library to slack. watched the FF7 advent children on tingo’s laptop. although i’m not a big fan, i’ve to say that the graphics and the effects were totally awesome. think my mouth was opened throughout the show. and cloud is so darn handsome. XD. then, we did some java. lol! only for a while. my attention span for school work can’t last for very long so… we watched robots instead.

it’s 4am right now and pouring heavily outside. gosh, i’ve been sleeping at around 2.30-4am for the past 1 week. doing what? it’s for me to know and for you to find out. lol. so tired. think i’m going to wake up at 2pm in the afternoon.


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