My body’s cold and it thinks I’m already gone

i’m blogging because i’m darn bored. i’ve been counting down the days to excitement. there’s still 2 more days to go. why can’t it come sooner? not many people know what my day of excitement is. i will only tell on that very day. =p hahaha.

feeling kinda sleepy right now because i woke up at 10.30am today [the window-man came and my dad woke me up and asked me to get out of my room -_-]. i never wake up before 12 noon on a weekday unless i’m going out with tingo. *yawns*

due to the lack of events happening in my life right now, i will just blog about the movies i want to watch!!! first stop, we have harry potter and the goblet of fire. anybody who misses this is going to regret for life. i think it’s going to be the best harry potter flick. moreover, there’s cedric diggory to swoon at. but he’s cute only at certain angles. better than nothing, right?

next movie, chicken little. i watched the first four minutes of the movie at AOL moviefone and i thought it was rather funny. the chicken might look cute but it doesn’t sound cute at all. err…you don’t really see the chicken here so it doesn’t matter. haha. i haven’t watched the trailer yet. but i think it’s going be one funny flick.

okay. the next movie is the culprit of my addiciton to cheese and crackers. wallace and gromit! it’s only coming out on the 29th of december. that’s loooong. there are other movies i want to catch too. like flightplan, elizabethtown etc… we’ll see how it goes. i don’t really spend much ching ching on movies. plus it’s so expensive nowadays. are they trying to encourage piracy or something? lol.

alright. time for me to go to bed. or should i have some cheese with crackers first? hmmm… i saw 1 packet of crackers in the cupboard just now. wahaha!!!


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