I am me and I won’t change for anyone

hey hey hey!!! feeling very hyper right now!!! don’t think i can sleep tonight because.. *drumroll* i’m leaving for taiwan in about 7 hours time!!! i have been waiting for this day to come. finally it’s here!!!

i’ll be doing my major shopping there since i’m not working and do not have much money to spend. =D hopefully i can find and buy lots of bags/clothes/accessories there. intend to get my parents to pay for most of the stuff. heh heh heh! i know it’s quite bad but my dad actually told me not to find a job since i’m going for this holiday. and my mother didn’t exactly push me to find a job whatsoever.

my digital camera and my travel diary will be with me at all times to record what has happened etc etc. so come back here on the 20th of october for a ultra long post with tons of pictures.
ack! i’ve not been playing maple for 2 days because of the stupid patch problem. i could very well be level 26 or 27 by now. but it’s okay now. hopefully i can level up to 25 before 4am. =D i have no idea why i’m so addicted to maple these few days. it’s such a time waster. i guess i’m too bored to find the game boring. LOL.


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