Who wants a life that’s filled with semesters and useless knowledge and wasted credits

oh i am so boreddddddddddddd…

i have so many things to blog about but i just don’t have the mood to. so i’ll just make this short. it must be the heat getting to me. anyway, i had a chalet yesterday. it was quite pathetic because among all my friends in the world, only two [tingo and ginks] came. the rest of the people were made up of my parent’s church friends and my aunts. but it was still fun. i think i got a little drunk because i was acting really crazy after drinking 3-4 cups of shandy. tingo even took away my cup! >_<. but how can i be drunk when my shandy is made up of 1/4 beer and 3/4 7-up. or maybe i was just really hyper. hmmm… i still have to go to work tomorrow!!! but at least tingo’s going to be working with me. XD.

p.s. harry potter and the GOF is going to be released in singapore on the 17th november instead of the 18th. which is weird because i thought it’s going to be a worldwide thing. but i saw the poster in the magazine and they said 17 november. oh whatever.

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