Will you open up your mind?

yes! i’m back from my sudden disappearance again. i was doing quite alot of shopping. especially for mangas. -_-. TINGO!!! see what you have done to me… anyway i’m still waiting for my pay so that i can buy myself a new bag(s). but it seems that i may not have the time to do it due to the 2 public holidays this week [how to have any a.s.a.p. transactions?!]. and i haven’t re-made my atm card. sadness overwhelms me =(.

i shall move on before i get too dramatic…

i met up with jo on yesterday!!! haven’t seen her for ages!!! we just walked around orchard and talked. (: had a really great time. it’s always good to catch up with your old friends. this is the one and only picture we took in the toilet. haha.

i went to the hairdresser’s for a trim today. i don’t think there’s much difference just that it’s thinner and shorter. tingo came to meet me at ang mo kio central because she wanted to do some cheap shopping. it was quite boring because i always visit ang mo kio central during my secondary school days. *yawns*


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