Pretend you can’t feel at all

school started 4 days ago and now i’m hoping it would end soon. somehow, this semester is not as fun as the last. maybe because it has only just started. our new IT canteen rocks but the food is not exactly superb. so after 2 days of eating there, we went back to our beloved mensa. haha. and so far, the only module i hate is OOPG. are there actually people who score As for java? siiigh..

anyway i went out with the MI O5SG besties [minus ai xuan] today!!!

i miss them soooo muchies. we actually gathered to celebrate celina’s birthday. since we couldn’t really afford to have dinner at a restaurant, we watched a movie instead.

sky high may seem to be a cliched hero-saves-the-innocent-from-the-villian movie. but it turned out to be really good. predictable at times, but still good. i would label it as a cute comedy? haha. there are a couple of cute guys in it too. =p

*waits for release of harry potter and the GOF*

2 hours of sociology tutorial tomorrow. double sigh. i only know 1 person in the class but that person is quite dao. so you can say i don’t know anyone there? lol.


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