Thought you were something different

i’m alone in the school library right now and i hate it. i don’t think i can lead a solitary life ever. i still have approximately 1/2 an hour more to go before i leave for my sociology lecture. how did i ever manage to spend the previous hour without any human interaction?! lol. i think i sounded a tad too exaggerated. i’m quite fine actually. sitting at one corner of the library, blasting music into my poor ears.

i just found out that we have FNDB makeup tutorial this thursday. and it clashes with our harry potter movie time slot. so too bad so sad we won’t be going for FNDB makeup. =P i mean, we already paid for the tickets… the teacher is SO going to wonder why 4 girls are absent from class.

i feel like packing up my stuff and head straight home… NOW.


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