My word is all but none and there’s no place for me drifting

i’ve finally watched GOF after months of aniticipation! 2 hours and a half is simply not enough! the chamber of secrets was 3 hours+ mind you! and the book was so much thinner than GOF! there was seriously a major lack of details.

WARNING: there might be some spoilers ahead.

at first, i thought i could watch some quidditch world cup action but there was none. how can they not show the quidditch match?! i want to see how well krum plays. what’s with the beauxbatons doing the “ah” thing when they enter the hall? super ridiculous can. and why does cho chang have this really weird accent? throughout the whole movie, krum and fleur only spoke around 2-3 sentences each. the director could have given them more lines because they are main characters! not extras! i couldn’t detect any french accent from madame maxime at all. or maybe i was deaf while she was talking? what happened to percy aka weatherby? etc etc. i think i better stop rambling on about the missing details/flaws. if not, this post is going to be as long as my taiwan post. maybe even longer?

despite the lack of details, the movie is still awesome while others might beg to differ. the 3 triwizard challenges will leave you at the edge of your seats although the dragon task might be a tad too draggy. the yule ball was great too. cedric and tom felton [not draco malfoy] looked absolutely dashing =P. some scenes cannot be found in the book but i found them rather amusing. for example, the scene where harry brought his egg into the prefects bathroom. moaning myrtle was practically flirting with him and trying to peek through the bubbles to see his you-know-what. -_- there are loads of funny scenes + super cool effects, so watch it even though if you are not a harry potter fan. you won’t regret it. =D

time for bed. to those who do not need to wake up the same time as me tomorrow, HMPH!


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