You cannot convince me anymore

i finally got to eat pepper lunch after months of saying “i want to eat at pepper lunch” every single time i walk pass the place.

tinggy’s salmon & chicken set/my hamburger steak set
my steak [+ rice + drink] only costs 10 bucks because i used the coupon! wahaha. without the coupon, everything is sold on it’s own. meaning there is no set meal. i think. i didn’t really scrutinize the menu. =D i had a fun time “cooking” my food. flip the steak over, stir fry the bean sprouts… in the end, i didn’t touch the bean sprouts at all because they weren’t fully cooked and has that really yucky taste which i hate. i guess i focused to much on the steak. haha.

after that, we walked around town. tinggy did most of the shopping because she was looking for jeans and long-sleeved tops. so we went far east first, and had this really funny encounter in one shop. the summarised version is that tinggy got dragged around the shop while the aunty picked lots of jeans and seriously weird looking tops for her to try. lol! i was standing at one side, trying to control my laughter because tinggy kept giving me the “help-me! look”. when tinggy was “safely tucked” into the dressing room, the aunty turned to me and said that it was my turn. -_-. she is super scary can. she even wanted to introduce some cute skirts to me. first of all, why cute skirts?! i just said no thanks and that i wasn’t planning to buy anything. but i have to say she’s really a good salesperson.

went to pacific plaza, heeren.. you know, the usuals.

a bag at cineleisure caught my attention! but i didn’t have enough money to buy it today. i think this is the first time i’m not buying a bag from roxy/ripcurl. lol.

time for me to go to bed. long day tomorrow. sighhh. i dread mondays. on the other hand, i love tuesdays/thursdays =D.


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