Do you hold the phone when you’re alone?

here i am, blasting music in my ears at this late hour because there’s a karaoke competition going on downstairs. not that i’m looking down on people but their singing is really bad! super out of tune and high-pitched. even muffers can’t stand it and keeps on barking. hope they will stop soon so that i can go to bed.

the NE talk we had this morning was tres boring! it was about some population topic which most of us have learnt in elective geography. the whole auditorium was filled but i can assure you that not even a single person was paying attention to the speaker. most of the people, including me, were either sleeping or listening to music. i was doing both. haha. why make NE compulsory when no one ever listens? *sigh* i still have to attend 1 more NE talk so that i can graduate after year 3. oh the horror!!!

after the NE talk, farma, tinggy, ade and i went to mcdonalds to try the new teppanyaki burger + seaweed shaker fries. the burger was yummy [soft and tender. love the bun too]. but the fries…….. need i say more?

went to town with tinggy thereafter! i finally got my pay cheque and banked it few days ago. we wanted to see the lime sonic bang but we were 5 hours early. haha. so we went shopping. first we went to cineleisure to buy my bag, walked around hmv, went to far east [no nice level 27 tees! >_<], bought a magazine at kinokuniya and another bag at surfer babe =X, took a longgg walk to dhoby gaut’s this fashion. we spent quite some time there. entered the changing room twice. haha. in the end, i bought myself a skirt while tinggy bought a top and pants. i’ve been buying quite a lot of skirts lately and i don’t know why… anyway, took a picture of the stuff i bought because i’ve got nothing better to do.

transparent roxy shoulder bag/ AP magazine/ bag from ink/ a brown skirt
2006 is going to be a great year because i have 30+ albums to look forward to [according to the AP magazine!!! WOAH =D these 30+ albums include good charlotte[can’t wait!], mcr, academy is, angels and airwaves, armor for sleep, new found glory, sugarcult (!!) etc etc… this magazine has good stuff man. totally worth my 11 bucks.

alright.. they have stopped singing! i can sleep in peace now.

S.I.P. [Sleeping In Peace]


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