We are the named and we are known

term test is finally over!!! i can officially slack for a week. actually, i was already slacking since the start of the school term. shoot.

i wanted to blog yesterday but i was rushing 2 things at 1 time so i didnt get the chance. i had to write notes for CMSY and make something for my mom’s birthday. i had the whole of yesterday to do something for her but i only did it in the night because i totally forgot that it was her birthday. thank God for photoshop. i managed to hand her the gift before 12 midnight. =D

so yea.. after our last paper today, the crazies [minus da jie] went to pizza hut for lunch!

we love pizza and we love to wear black. haha. we always seem to coincidently wear black on the same day. great minds think alike?

major laughing moments

  • gwen freaked out the waiter by talking to an empty seat. LOL! she pretended that dajie was sitting there.
  • we laughed [alot] at one of the pictures we took because tinggy looked as if she was happily drinking pepsi through her nose. i would like to post the picture here. but if i do, i won’t be able to live long enough to see the sunrise tomorrow.

    note: a full stomach + laughing = having the urge to puke your guts out.

    and guess what i just had for dinner?

    MORE pizza. this time, it’s homemade. though it’s delicious, a wave of nausea still swept over me while i was eating it. conclusion: only eat pizza once in a blue moon. having pizza for 2 meals is not a wise choice.

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