You see our time is running out


2005 was a good year. new school. new friends. but not to worry, i’ve not forgotten about the old ones!

went out with my secondary school besties – jo, william and ginks today. since singapore is so “huge”, we went to town again [my 5th time this week].

we shopped, talked, ate dinner at food republic, had before dinner snacks at old chang kee. i almost ate the deep fried squid but i decided to try the new pepper-o puff. it’s even nicer than the normal curry puff. try it when you have the chance.

lastly, we came up with 10 ways to wear your long beaded? pearl? necklace. whatever they are called.

aren’t we creative? =P after we came out with all those, i have the sudden urge to buy one for myself. hmm..


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