It’s frightening how you can see the changes happening

edit (06/01/06): okay… this post is like 2 days overdue. =P

school was only 1 hour today because antonio was on medical leave. he could have told us earlier. then, i can stay home and continue sleeping.

so, gwen decided to go safra to bowl + play pool. at first, i didn’t want to go. but they pulled me out of the bus before i could do anything. >_<. but i had fun. =) this is actually the first time i have ever bowled in my life. pathetic huh. since young, i always have this impression that i could never manage to lift up a bowling ball with 3 fingers. but i could lift up all the 6-12kg balls! [that sounds sooo wrong… LOL!] here are the pictures:

and i still pretty much sucked at pool albeit the quite-professional-looking pose above. =P

after that, i went to meet pongie at city hall for gelare!!! tuesday is always gelare day. this time, we had the large waffle. it’s 3 times bigger than the small one and costs around $1 more. pictures! :

pongie thinks that she’ll look more mysterious in the photos by covering her face. oookay pongie.


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