Save your breath, your threats won’t hurt me

this week was full of make-up lessons and shit.

muffers has gone home and the house is unusually quiet. i admit that i’ll miss his furry ass but i’m glad i don’t have to listen to him barking early in the morning anymore.

went to my aunt’s house to take pictures of her shoes for ides. she has like 50+ pairs and half of them are still brand new. incredible. my mom has lots of shoes too. she chucks some of them at the back of the cabinet after wearing it for just 2 times. after that, she’ll complain that she does not have any shoes and buys more. -_- i wish i could do that.

my dad is a life-saver. he bought my favourite and most essential food to destress myself during this project-rushing period.

CHOCOLATES!!! some of them are just too pretty to consume. i can stare at it for an hour before popping it into my mouth. <3<3<3


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