The secrets that you keep inside are all you’ve ever known

can anyone fall asleep while standing on a bus? sleep as in you really doze off and you are unconsious to everything that is happening around you? well, i can. it’s weird. i don’t know how i can manage to balance myself subconsiously while being semi-unconsious. i actually slept for 10 minutes while standing on the bus today. this shows how tired i am. in fact, i feel like i’m going to pass out anytime soon.

anyways, i hope channel 5 is going to broadcast the o.c. season 3 soon. i just went to the site and the story is getting pretty interesting. but i haven’t really watched season 2! i think i missed half of the season due to the ‘O’s. Woah… that’s like one year ago. so why isn’t the dvd out yet?! hmv doesn’t know how to make money

and brainless rambling is so fun.


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