Every day you blow it

i want to go for this:

but i don’t think i will because (1) nobody wants to go with me (2) i have 3 projects to hand in next week (3) i only want to see saw loser. i think the banner is so wrong because not all the bands are rock bands. they make it seem as if this whole thing is a rock concert.

i have so many things to do but i don’t know where to start. i have to hand in:

  • cmsy proposal
  • oopg assignment
  • ides beta version
  • sociology presentation
    by next week. i know the school wants us to finish all our assignments before chinese new year so that we can enjoy after that. but that’s like 2 weeks before the normal dateline!!! can somebody just shoot me in the head and revive me when the term ends?

    woohoo! the rain is back!

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